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The NottinghamSkaters Nottingham University Campus Lap

Fancy a Challenge?

This lap will test you skills as a skater but please be careful as this lap is not for the faint hearted, only the most competent skater should attempt this.

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The route is used as Le Mans training endurance and speed lap, starting in 2008 and running round the University Park campus.

Security will want you to have high vis and lights if you attempt this in the dark. Also avoid busy periods (rush hour and open days).

This route has worse hills than a Le Mans lap: Keighton hill and Cripps hill are both fairly steep uphill and Cut Through Lane and Beeston Lane are fairly steep downhills with speed bumps at the bottom.

Always go anti-clockwise around this circuit. NEVER go down Cripps hill towards Cut Through Lane or bad things will happen to you.

Once your lap has been successfully completed why not post your time and skate make here