We skate in and around Nottingham

The NottsTNS Where and When

Every Tuesday (weather permitting) at 19:45, starting in Old Market Square. Updates are posted:

  1. On The Forum
  2. On The Nottingham Skaters Facebook Page
  3. On The TNS Facebook Page

The NottsTNS is a "street skate". What is a "street skate"?

When we say street skate, we mean skating (several miles) on city streets. What we do not mean is aggressive street skating. The NottsTNS does not involve meeting up and skating around Nottingham looking for rails to grind or stairs to jump. If you wish to attempt the NottsTNS wearing aggressive skates then you're welcome to (many others have in the past) but be prepared for the fact that you're going to be putting in a lot more effort than the rest of us to travel at the same speed.

Here is a video of a Nottingham Tuesday Night Skate.

If you are familiar with street skating, you may wish to know what sort of level the NottsTNS is. It has been described as:

  1. "Distance freeriding"
  2. "A really nervous 'suicide skate'"
  3. "I can compare it most (having done a real suicide skate) to an LFNS route check" [Katrin]

Where do we skate on the NottsTNS?

The NottsTNS meets at the Old Market Square in Nottingham and usually takes a route that takes us to the edge of the city and back, ranging between 12 and 18 miles. Routes regularly include sections along the river Trent, trips out to Ruddington and Beeston, and circuits around West Bridgeford and Wollaton. Generally speaking, the South and West of the city are more skatable because they are flatter and the roads are wider. The North and East of the city is quite hilly and the streets are quite narrow in some of the older areas.

How good a skater do I need to be?

Below is a list of skills that you should be comfortable with to be able to enjoy the full street skate experience. Note that these are probably harsher than many other street skates, such as in London, because - as a small group - we require the flexibility to take different, interesting and unknown routes. You will need to be able to react to changes in circumstance as needed.

Most skaters will not be able to do a lot of the skills described below, but our instructors are on hand to help and encourage you. It's definitely worth the effort! We want more people on the NottsTNS, after all!

What equipment do I need?

  1. Good skates (see our guide to buying skates, here). If you are an intermediate or advanced skater, you should have no problems completing the NottsTNS on recreational, fitness, freestyle or hockey skates. You should also find the NottsTNS easy on speed skates, provided you are used to them and can turn effectively. You will probably struggle to keep up with the rest of us on aggressive skates.
  2. Pads / a helmet. Although not compulsary, we recommend people wear protection unless they are 100% certain of their abilities. As with everything else about the NottsTNS, you skate to your own ability and at your own risk. If you injure yourself because you're not wearing pads don't come moaning to us!
  3. A hi-vis vest. Best to be seen and be safe.
  4. A torch for use on dark paths.
  5. Beer money! (Very important).
  6. Jelly babies! (Also very important).
  7. LAYERS! (In Winter).

Can I do the NottsTNS on quad skates?

You are very welcome to join us on quad skates! Many people have, without any problems. However, please note you must be able to skate at a reasonable pace as well as turn and stop, quickly if necessary, and be able to skate up and down hills.
If you are not used skating on quads outside, please join us for The Saturday Stroll, and / or try our 'NottsTNS Minimum Skills Timed Test Route'.

Can I see another video of what it’s like on the NottsTNS?

Of Course

Who marshals the NottsTNS?

Your current marshal team is...

  1. Jason-Bob
  2. Jim
  3. Katrin
Please follow their guidance at all times.