We skate in and around Nottingham

What do the Nottingham Skaters Do?

If you thought skating was just about rolling around car parks, well you'd be mistaken. These are some of the activities that the Nottingham Skaters get up to.
Everyone is welcome!


Tuesday Night Street Skate

Roaming the streets of Nottingham taking in the air, listen to music and having a good time. Sometimes a fast skate, sometimes slow.

Nottingham University Campus laps

Brave the hills and turns of the Nottingham university campus.

Roller Hockey

2 teams, 2 goals, hockey sticks, 1 ball and a car park is all we need to start a game of hockey.


High Jumps

How high can you jump, its easier than it looks.


A line of cones, get through them as stylishly or as quick as possible.


The lower the better.


Looks like most sports can be played on skates!.

Playgrounds games

Remember the game you played at school, well try them again but on skates.